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The cryptocurrency world is fast flourishing and multiple crypto telegram channels where the latest updates are shared. With over two thousand different coins existing in the market today, it is crucial to remain updated with the latest news and occurrences. If you are a crypto-trader or an investor, it is a requisite for you to be acquainted with the ongoing trends and market data to further conduct various analyses. With proper knowledge and due diligence, one can win within the crypto world.

There are a variety of online platforms that can provide you with such crypto knowledge shots like Twitter, Telegram, and many other forums and public chats.

Crypto Groups on Telegram

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Telegram is a messaging platform, founded by Pavel Durov, a Russian entrepreneur. It is similar to WhatsApp messenger but has a broader business model. What makes Telegram more vast is the features it offers such as Secret Chats, which ensure End-to-end encrypted messaging with a contact, Self-Destruct timers for chats, and many other customization benefits including programmable Chatbots. The crypto lingo such as HODL, FOMO, FUD is frequently used at Telegram.

Features which make Telegram more appealing are mentioned below:

→ SuperGroups: With this feature, Telegram can support up to 2,00,000 members in a group, which can prove to be a boon for bringing together a large community belonging to matching vocations and interests.

→ Channels: This feature allows users to broadcast messages to larger audiences. It can be regarded as a news feed for sharing trending and important information in the form of text, links, videos, etc. The Channels can accommodate an unlimited number of subscribers.

Here’s the list of some of the best cryptocurrency channels on Telegram:

This is a well-known telegram crypto channel that provides news, trading analysis, and much more. The channel posts regularly about the latest things happening in the crypto world. They regularly post stories and occasional announcement posts. This telegram channel has about 65,000 subscribers.

This is also one of the most prominent channels for the latest updates and ongoing trends. It features the latest industry news, reviews, interviews, financial metrics, and all information related to ICOs. 

This channel can be your premier source for everything related to Bitcoin. They can help you buy Bitcoin cash and choose a bitcoin wallet. You can also go through the latest news, or engage with the community on their Bitcoin Forum. is a commercial website by Roger Ver. They also post-analytical articles and press releases.

This channel is mainly focused on new coins: news and analysis. They provide a newsletter covering fresh news and then post-analytical and educational articles for crypto-enthusiasts of all levels of expertise throughout the day. If you want to upgrade your knowledge base of cryptocurrency trading and associated market capitalization, then this channel would be the right choice for you and would also act as a signal provider. Their channel feed is full of trading signals and news stories.

It is also one of the amazing platforms for the latest news and ICO reviews. Having a subscriber count list of only about 2000 people, it offers good potential for keeping you upgraded with all the fresh information and stories revolving around the crypto space.


This is an eminent cryptocurrency publication forum with a high focus on quality journalism in the crypto-space. Their website is highly engaging and provides a platform with all the concerned financial metrics as well as complete guides to elevate your knowledge base about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even Blockchain technology. With their telegram channel, you are all good to go with the information you’ll need to move ahead. News

It is one of the prime sources of information about Bitcoin, digital currency, and Blockchain technology. Join the channel, and you will witness an extensive pool of knowledge consisting of articles which are engaging enough to make you dig deep in the world of cryptocurrency. 


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