, which is one of the most well known US Crypto exchange which is quite losing its charm but is now all set to enter the European markets with a with .


Bittrex will be launching a trading platform with its 200+ Cryptocurrencies in the brand name of invest.com, which has already built a brand in the European Union and has been running as a trading platform for derivatives in 31 European countries.


Cryptocurrencies being the new trend in this is a strategic decision taken by Invest.com to partner with Bittrex and venture into Crypto trading. It will be easier to Bittrex which has built a good brand in the US and successfully complied with the US regulators to expand into the European market seamlessly and establish a brand there.

Bittrex was a Crypto-to-Crypto exchange from 2014 until recently in May, after which the exchange announced that USD pairing will be available to the investors of US. Bittrex has been extra careful in complying with the regulators and has been moving slowly and cautiously.


Bill Shihara, CEO of Bittrex said:

 Blockchain technology has the potential to provide groundbreaking solutions for businesses and consumers around the world. That’s why every action we take is geared toward advancing this emerging technology, including launching this new trading platform with invest.com. This partnership will increase customers’ access to some of the world’s most innovative blockchain projects and further drive adoption of this revolutionary technology. Today’s announcement is another exciting step forward for the industry and Bittrex as we continue expanding our global footprint through new services and strategic partnerships.

This year has certainly been the biggest year for Bittrex with the introduction of Fiat pairs and the expansion to Europe.

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