Honeywell Blockchain

In its current form, the data related to aerospace parts and services are scattered across several computer systems and paper copies. Which, in turn, results in aerospace companies and operators sometimes losing or misplacing vital documents that are critical for proving the legitimacy of mechanical parts.

The general manager of GoDirect trade, Lisa Butters mentioned that by using blockchain technology, Honeywell intends to record all data and information related to the thousands of aerospace parts the company manufactures and repairs every day, adding:
“Blockchain has validated to be a revolutionary technology for the aerospace world that would simplify and revamp accounting of data for owners of aircraft, components and various airlines around the globe.”

Honeywell strives to simplify the process of searching and to access all data related to aircraft and increasing the efficiency of data handling for the customers. They would implement this process by recording all the data on a single ledger.

Blockchain can transform the supply chain of aerospace industry mutual collaboration. On completion of a part, its manufacturer could initiate a blockchain and further, other participants of the supply chain including operators, distributors and maintenance crew would create their own blocks. This would create an eclectic and incontestable history of the part that could of that particular component.
To summarize, Honeywell’s working to offer its customers with basically a search engine for everything concerning aircraft parts and related services. Customers would simply input the part number and the serial number on the developed application.


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