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Blockchain has wide-ranging applications, some not even remotely related to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. We tried to understand it's an application within the...

Blockchain-enabled solution for Sustainability: launched by VeChain

VeChain has recently launched a blockchain-powered solution crafted for sustainability concerns, focused towards organizations considering to digitize their sustainability rituals.

Top 4 Blockchain Books in 2020

Blockchain books by bestselling authors Blockchain in recent years has become quite popular, and rightly so, Blockchain decentralization networking...

ICO vs IPO: Key Differences

As we already know that IPO or Initial Public Offering is termed to the process in which a private corporation offers shares...

Impact of COVID-19 on Crypto and Blockchain Payments

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are slowly making a transition from speculative investment instruments to payments. Special attention to payment habits and the...

Daimler AG tests Blockchain for Data Sharing across its Supply Chain

A blockchain-based data-sharing platform known as Ocean Protocol united with Daimler. The collaboration is based on how...

What is Raiden Network for Ethereum?

It's no secret that an Ethereum transaction can be quite slow and time-taking. The Raiden Network aims to solve the issue at...
Becoming a Blockchain Developer

How to Become a Blockchain Developer

Blockchain technology is destined to revolutionize the way we do digital transactions in the future. Blockchain’s bulletproof, like security, has captivated the...

Federal Agencies lean towards Blockchain for its merits

Blockchain sure does offer many advantages including security, efficiency, flexibility and transparency. This has attracted the federal agencies towards its adoption.

Mitsubishi rolls out a Blockchain-powered platform for metal trading

Mitsubishi Corporation RtM Japan Ltd., the metal and minerals resource trading subsidiary of Mitsubishi International Corporation has recently launched a platform based...