DigiByte: Price, Blockchain, Events, Latest Updates

DigiByte (DGB) is a peer-to-peer decentralized open-source cryptocurrency based on its own blockchain. Jared Tate, an early crypto enthusiast, developed it back in 2013, by making...

India might be seeing its biggest bull run yet

India's crypto trade volumes after the supreme court ruling on lifting the cryptocurrency ban have soared a great deal. According to LocalBitcoins...

Ripple aims to be the Amazon of the world of cryptocurrency

Ripple is now planning to explore and expand its use cases for its blockchain network. Been mainly focusing on cross-border payments from...

Smartcoins – Key Features, Advantages And Usage

Simple Miner Administration Through Remote Terminals is the acronym for a smartcoin. Additional assets, such as gold for the US dollar, are linked...

Outer Space’s First Multisig Bitcoin Transaction: SpaceChain claims to have signed it

SpaceChain has recently claimed that they have signed the first multi-signature transaction in outer space.

America’s leading business magazine Inc. recognizes Ripple as one of the fastest growing companies

Ripple, the Francisco based blockchain giant, has been recognized recently by the leading business magazine Inc. as one of the fastest-growing companies,...

Russia Prevents Cash-Based Wallet Deposits

In a bid to contain money laundering, the government of Russia has recently announced new measures restricting anonymous online deposits to wallets...

Why Bitcoin Rejected $12.4K Level

Although Bitcoin failed to maintain the level of reaching 2020 all-time high, many traders believe it is a necessary correction for Bitcoin...

Indian Government Likely to ban Cryptocurrencies

CryptoTrends reached out to blockchain enthusiasts and lawyers within the high-tech domain to seek fresh details about the state of cryptocurrencies like...

Bitcoin DeFi seems unstoppable. What’s happening?

The DG Lab conglomerate includes an investment branch and an adjacent software company just like ConsenSys, the...