Twitter Hack Update: Perpetrators Arrested

Remember the recent hack wherein multiple Twitter handles, primarily crypto exchanges and celebrities, were compromised and users lured in to send bitcoins...
Bitcoin Core Wallet

Bitcoin Core Update Targets “Discouraged Nodes”

Bitcoin Core 0.21.1 is the latest update to the official Bitcoin client, originally developed by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto. It released last...

Breaking News! Bitcoin crosses $12000 Resistance level

The flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin has today crossed a major $12000 resistance line. Bulls have finally gone pass-through this resistance level although there...

Bitcoin to boost above $50K investors claim

Recently, Berkshire Hathaway, led by the billionaire Warren Buffett, has made a massive move by deciding to sell its share of Goldman...
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Refresh, Rescan or Re-index A Crypto Wallet

The core wallets are quite sensitive, and often the blockchain database associated with it gets corrupted, or...

Bitcoin bull market has been confirmed as RSI repeats 2016 Halving

For a while now, the excitement about Bitcoin has been building up, and as things stand right now analysts are feeling very...

Bitcoin $12K Resistance Level And What to expect in the future

It's been 10 days since Bitcoin has tested the $12K resistance level for the second time. Although traders are bullish about the...

India might be seeing its biggest bull run yet

India's crypto trade volumes after the supreme court ruling on lifting the cryptocurrency ban have soared a great deal. According to LocalBitcoins...

A Bitcoin Lightning Startup in operation with Visa to “Fast Track” Card payments

A Bitcoin Lightning startup named Strike declared last month that it would be collaborating with Visa, the world payment giant. Another startup...

Outer Space’s First Multisig Bitcoin Transaction: SpaceChain claims to have signed it

SpaceChain has recently claimed that they have signed the first multi-signature transaction in outer space.