Cryptocurrency exchange Mexo, built with Latin American users in mind, launched on Thursday, backed by multinational venture capital company.

  • Mexo will offer its Latin American users a variety of services, including spot trading, contract trading, P2P lending and a trading academy, according to a statement from the company.
  • Mexo ‘s chief marketing officer, David Yao, said the services were developed because Latin American crypto users said they were looking for a simple mobile application to access more advanced goods.
  • Mexo, along with its Spanish language website, is designed to meet Mexico and the rest of Latin America ‘s growing demand for digital assets, the firm said in its statement.

The LATAM market alone has high demand for crypto asset but restricted access to items such as derivatives and OTC. According to a recent estimate, there are over 1,000,000 crypto users within the LATAM market. Mexo provides a safe environment for traders to advance their technical and basic skills, to more effectively buy and sell crypto, and to trade.


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