Cryptorg is a trading platform that combines 2 main products:

  1. Crypto trading bots to automate trading on several cryptocurrency exchanges. It is a convenient interface for creating and configuring trading bots alongside a convenient web terminal for conducting manual transactions. All leading crypto exchanges are connected. The paid platform has been operating within the public domain since October 2017 and has executed over 5 million transactions.
  2. An in-house cryptocurrency exchange accessible at Cryptorg.Exchange. The exchange offers Spot trading without leverage, and Futures trading with a leverage up to 125x. The cryptocurrency exchange is a recent addition to their stack and went live in March 2020. They have partnered with Binance, an exchange based in Malta, intending to build synergy.

Being a registered Binance broker does away with the issue of lack of liquidity. Theoretically, Cryptorg has liquidity equivalent to that of Binance and does not face the issue common for newer exchanges around the block – lack of liquidity. In fact, their trading terminals have been developed in-house with a focus on improvising upon where Binance lacks – lending simplicity for seamless user experience. Unlike Binance, you need not verify your identity while registering at the exchange.

Trading with Cryptorg Bots

Cryptorg Bot

Cryptorg’s bots can trade both Spot and the Futures market. For a bot to be profitable, initial settings and configurations. The bots work with a grid of orders. Some of the other features these bots offer include:

– Bots can work as without filters and indicators (this works well in a flat or when the market moves in one direction).

– Work on many popular technical indicators is available (Stochastic, MACD, Bollinger)

– Price levels, you can set the levels from which the transaction will start or the levels beyond which the bot will not enter

– Limiting the number of working cycles. You can set the number of take profits after which the bot will stop itself

– Ability to work with martingale

Undoubtedly, trading experience is required to work with bots. It will be quite difficult for a beginner. You can try 1 bot for free within 14 days after registration. Further, monthly tariffs are available, costing from 15 to 100 usd.

If you trade using bots on their Cryptorg.Exchange, then using bots is completely free.

How can you earn extra money using Cryptorg?

Cryptorg Bot 2

Trading mining is available on its platform. By trading bots, traders mine our CTG token. The more trades the trader’s bots complete, the more coins they will receive.

Why is CTG token needed?

– The token can be used to cover the exchange commission on our own exchange

– The token is available for speculation on one of the exchanges from the Coinmarketcap list

– You can purchase various digital goods in our marketplace

– Holders of more than 100k tokens can stake inside Cryptorg and receive 3-4% profit per month

Trader Contests

They regularly hold trading contests with real cash prizes. Recently, a competition was held in conjunction with the FET coin, where 10k USD was drawn. Current competitions are available at their website.


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