SingularityNET, a decentralized AI marketplace for AI services, has just announced a with DeepBrain Chain 


Unlike Skynet, however, the new partnership aims to make the future “open and democratic” by allowing public access to artificial intelligence algorithms.

As concerns grow over AI algorithms clenched centrally in the hands of a few tech giants and world governments

The company also said in a press release today, was building a “decentralized software network” of AI agents and human developers.

The long-term goal of the platform is to evolve into a self-organizing marketplace for AI agents to organize, communicate and trade values. 

The Pros

It’s also a milestone for Deep BrainChain, another AI system on the NEO blockchain. Like SingularityNET, DBC leverages the enormous processing power of its global blockchain to train and test AI models, with long-term goals of adding marketplaces for data and algorithms. By pooling resources, DBC’s blockchain has allowed participants to save up to 70% in computing resources.  Unlike SingularityNET, DBC has not programmed any replicants…yet.

“Data is one of the most important keys to creating infallible AI models, “ CEO He Yong. “the combining of the and SingularityNET marketplaces is an important step in creating a large decentralized platform of tools for users to access.”

The two companies say that their partnership will combine the resources and the computing power of the two platforms. Users will be able to access data and algorithms on either platform, effectively creating a joint marketplace for AI.

DBC is one of the underrated projects in my opinion and this can be a trigger to get people know about the importance and the value of this project.

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