Very recently, we got the news that Soros is investing in Cryptocurrencies like and now recent news comes in that family is also investing in Crypto.

First they call cryptocurrencies one of the biggest scams of all time and now the themselves are investing in the market and want to get their pockets filled much more.

Taking into consideration that they are billionaires and have good amount of liquid cash with them to just jump in the the game and can invest in billions which can be trigger to the very first boom of cryptocurrencies in  2018.

Who knows they may be many more rich players from all across the glode who want to dive in the cryptomarket but are waiting for someone else to join in first, Billionaire Investor Soros can be that trigger, So watch out guys because the boom is coming.

But we have to be careful because they all are very smart people, they will make everybody know about their investments only after they invest and get some very good returns.

Combined funds of Soros, Rockefeller are at least 80 billion dollars, more than enough to triger the bull market of the cryptocurrencies. So guys don’t waste time and invest now only because getting it first is all that matters.

The big peoples resistance are announced immediately and their acceptance are announced only once they are already knee deep.So guys invest what you can.

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