Have you ever wanted to monitor bitcoin transactions to ensure your cryptocurrency is safe? The Bitcoin ecosystem can be monitored to get Bitcoin email alerts with various analytical tools available on the World Wide Web. Yes, that’s correct. It is humanly possible to track all your transactions with notifications on your devices. These modifications can be in the form of a message, email or a pop up on your device screens. Few tools used to track daily Bitcoin action on the network also provide an in-depth answer on the cryptocurrency behaviour. You may now wonder why is there a need to get a notification on your transaction when blockchain data is publicly viewable? 

In this article, we have detailed the various tools that are in use to track data and the utilities of this tracking behaviour. The free tools available on the net provide a close watch on the address of the BTC transaction. In our previous articles, we have stated the reasons for BTC transaction delays.

Some contribute to a low network, while others blame it on the miners. Instead of going on refreshing the website, Bitcoin email alerts can be set. Notifications help share a final confirmation detail once the transaction is complete and reflect in your wallet. You invest less time for accuracy, where smart working is better than hard working.

A Watch Only Bitcoin Wallet

Just like any other Bitcoin wallet, a watch-only wallet, as the name suggests, is used to monitor Bitcoin transactions. By monitor, I mean monitor only. The unique features of a watch-only wallet relate to the absence of private keys. Hence, a watch-only wallet cannot be used to spend any Bitcoin associated with the address of the wallet. All that you can do with this wallet is check for the balance and monitor transaction activity. 

Monitoring tools, also known as block explorers are used to analyse transaction data irrespective of a wallet address. The watch-only wallet acts as risk-free storage. The purpose of a tool and the watch-only wallet contradicts although watch-only wallet can be used to monitor individual accounts. Block explorers help import all addresses associated with your transaction and track them conveniently. 

Tools To Monitor Bitcoin TransactionUsing Email Alerts

Blockchain explorers are available on the world world-wide-web. Apart from blockchain explorers, there are node counters and exciting analytical tools, which together provide a new perspective of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

This website uses charts and pictorial representations to display various price data. The Bitcoin wisdom reflects price details of different cryptocurrency exchange such as BitfinexBTCCKraken and Bitstamp. Apart from Bitcoin data, this website also notifies a user of network availability, difficulty and hash rate. When you log in to the official website of bitcoinwisdom.io, a series of charts follow. The first part shows details of Bitcoin and price variations from BitstampCoinbase ProExmoBinance and bitfinex.

Right on the top of the website is a series of number where bitfinex Bitcoin versus US dollar chart, ethereum versus US dollar chart, and LEO versus US dollar chart is added. The second chart represents price variation from altcoin. The map shows the price difference from 7 days to 365 days. Miners, coders and investors from around the world use these details to map transactions correctly and make it a right investment. 

This website is famous for putting up content on Bitcoin with real-time network statistics. If you check the dashboard, it represents mempooldata estimationsystem metricsbandwidth usage and node counts. Right below the bio is present a graphical representation of changing Bitcoin value. You will also find years function timings mining and processing statistical data in the dashboard for a better overview. 

This website explicitly wants blockchain users to “follow the Bitcoin“. There are several visual interpretations of transactions on the Bitcoin network, with their addresses. When you visit the official website, it won’t let you check details automatically. You will either have to sign up or request for further information via the email, to activate email alerts to monitor Bitcoin addresses. The site is famous for tracing Bitcoin origins. They take an interest in monitoring Bitcoins travelling in a blockchain network.

Tradeblock also uses statistical data representation techniques. From previous to recent and future transactions, the graphical chart on the website display Bitcoins statistics in various forms. The official page of tradeblock has options analysis. To study market info under this option, there are live rates, indices and DLCX, present to give you a complete analysis of constituent prices, exchange rate, information on grayscaleBitcoin trust, and historical rates and volume.

The prices are present in USD and while you move the cursor along with the graph, every point has a particular representation of amount from exchanges like CoinbaseLMAX DigitalBitstamp, and Kraken. Apart from Bitcoin tradeblock also specialises in providing information on ethereum. It also has a separate section of careers where you can choose to apply for the position of your choice.

The exhibit section includes information on price variance, weight inactivity, adjustment volume, weight with XBX data for every hour. You can also select lines of your choice and download time interval data from the XBX section. 

Bitcoin Email Alerts/Live Alerts For Your Transaction

The pool of unconfirmed transactions known explicitly as the Bitcoin mempool is a set of unconfirmed data wandering in the Bitcoin network. The state of Bitcoin network eventually determines the time taken to confirm a transaction and finally reflect on the wallet. Some websites require up to 3 confirmations and don’t be surprised when I say some sites need up to 6 approval as well. Stressful of course, but sitting in front of the wallet software and waiting hours after hours to check if the transaction is confirmed is a hefty task. Hence, it’s best to choose tools that monitor transactions from various Bitcoin addresses and send you a bitcoin email alert once your transaction is confirmed. 

Tools available on the internet that can provide live confirmation for your transactions. All you need to do is enter your email id, the transaction hash and the service provider will send you notification once your transaction is confirmed. It will also eventually reflects on the wallet. Some service providers do not require your email address and only the transaction hash.

Websites also have an easy option of notifying, using push up notifications. Upon confirmation of your transaction, an interesting tool called the Cryptocurrency Alerting uses its features to monitor BTC and ETH wallet address. Whenever there is a transaction occurring in your wallet, it sends you a push notification. Some of these service providers charge after a free trial option, and some of them do not at all.

Another option Bitcoinwhoswho.com and blockonomics.co sends email notifications on Bitcoin transactions from any address. Of course, has the preliminary task of signing up on the website to avail its benefits, and once you do, you will be receiving formatted email messages. Upon confirmation, there are various other paid services, for example, SMS and email alerts that act as a convenient method to monitor the BTC address. 


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