Daimler AG tests Blockchain for Data Sharing across its Supply Chain

A blockchain-based data-sharing platform known as Ocean Protocol united with Daimler. The collaboration is based on how...

MD of Legal Firm Brookwood said regulators might not come after DeFi

Collins Belton, Managing Director of Brookwood Firm, said that hundreds of millions of dollars flowing into altcoins might escape regulatory bodies because...

Is Polkadot going to be the first Ethereum bridge?

The Polkadot over a couple of weeks has been attracting a lot of attraction in the crypto world. Spartan Black, a major...

Bitcoin bull market has been confirmed as RSI repeats 2016 Halving

For a while now, the excitement about Bitcoin has been building up, and as things stand right now analysts are feeling very...

Sharlyn Wu To Steer the DeFi Fund at Huobi

Huobi Group, which is well known for their cryptocurrency exchange, has instituted a new fund wherein they...

Russian commercial bank offers First-Ever Crypto loan against Cryptocurrency

The first-ever loan against cryptocurrency by a commercial bank…Yes, you read that right! A Russian...

US Bank Regulator Sees Potential in Crypto Fintech Solutions

Brian Brooks, the Acting Comptroller of the US currency, recently interviewed with CNN and had nothing but positive things to say about...

Outer Space’s First Multisig Bitcoin Transaction: SpaceChain claims to have signed it

SpaceChain has recently claimed that they have signed the first multi-signature transaction in outer space.

ICO vs IPO: Key Differences

As we already know that IPO or Initial Public Offering is termed to the process in which a private corporation offers shares...

The return of Browser-based Cryptojacking: attacks shoot-up

According to research by Symantec, a cybersecurity company, the price surge of crypto has been followed by a wave of cryptojacking attacks.It...