India’s Biggest Crypto Exchange WazirX Has Made Move For DeFi

On 15th of August India's Biggest Crypto Exchange WazirX has decided to launch its first DeFi(Decentralized Finance Product) project by partnering up...

International Banks Experiment Blockchain Within Bangladesh

British banking institution and financial firm Standard Chartered is experimenting with Blockchain trades in Bangladesh. The bank,...

A million South Koreans now possess Blockchain-powered Driving License

The initiative considering digital transformation was only launched in May, and the people possessing Blockchain-based licenses have...

Russia Prevents Cash-Based Wallet Deposits

In a bid to contain money laundering, the government of Russia has recently announced new measures restricting anonymous online deposits to wallets...

Mirror Trading International Involved In Fraud

Mirror Trading International, a South African Cryptocurrency trading company, is now under investigation the national financial regulator, as it came under the...

Twitter Hack Update: Perpetrators Arrested

Remember the recent hack wherein multiple Twitter handles, primarily crypto exchanges and celebrities, were compromised and users lured in to send bitcoins...

Ethereum price makes a 2- year high!

Ethereum price has been rallying over the $400 mark for some weeks now. Today, Ethereum has soared a 2-year high by climbing over...

The Role of Central Bank Digital Currencies in the Financial System

So, what is Central Bank Digital Currencies(CBDC)? CDBC is a digital form of the country's fiat currency. These are government issues digital...

Google Trends Reveal Rising Interest in Ethereum (ETH)

Cryptocurrency prices are soaring and the market is currently bullish, bitcoin crossing the previous resistances registering a breakout. Other cryptocurrencies are also...

What went on between Trump and Ripple CEO

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse met with special assistant to the President, Caroline Moore(who is also the Director of Chief of Staffs) on...