Blockchain-enabled solution for Sustainability: launched by VeChain

VeChain has recently launched a blockchain-powered solution crafted for sustainability concerns, focused towards organizations considering to digitize their sustainability rituals.

The Role of Central Bank Digital Currencies in the Financial System

So, what is Central Bank Digital Currencies(CBDC)? CDBC is a digital form of the country's fiat currency. These are government issues digital...

North Korea and its army of Hackers: U.S. Army declares

U.S Army claims that North Korea has built its "army" of hackers, who conduct cyber crimes participate in hacks related to cryptocurrency....

“Warren Buffett” Index Forecast Stock Prices Could Crash- What this means for Bitcoin?

The 'Buffett Indicator' divides Wilshire 5000 Index by the GDP of the U.S. Its historical average value has been 1, and before...

Author of the Best Selling Book Rich Dad, Poor Dad advices to invest in...

Renowned author of the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, has advised everyone to invest in digital currencies and precious metals before...

Bitcoin DeFi seems unstoppable. What’s happening?

The DG Lab conglomerate includes an investment branch and an adjacent software company just like ConsenSys, the...

US Bank Regulator Sees Potential in Crypto Fintech Solutions

Brian Brooks, the Acting Comptroller of the US currency, recently interviewed with CNN and had nothing but positive things to say about...

Why Bitcoin Rejected $12.4K Level

Although Bitcoin failed to maintain the level of reaching 2020 all-time high, many traders believe it is a necessary correction for Bitcoin...
Mexo Crypto Exchange

Cryptocurrency Exchange Mexo Launches in LATAM

Cryptocurrency exchange Mexo, built with Latin American users in mind, launched on Thursday, backed by multinational venture capital company.

MD of Legal Firm Brookwood said regulators might not come after DeFi

Collins Belton, Managing Director of Brookwood Firm, said that hundreds of millions of dollars flowing into altcoins might escape regulatory bodies because...