International Banks Experiment Blockchain Within Bangladesh

British banking institution and financial firm Standard Chartered is experimenting with Blockchain trades in Bangladesh. The bank,...

A new 51% attack on Ethereum Classic

The Ethereum Classic (ETC) network was recently affected by 51% attack on August 29. This resulted in alteration of approximately 7,000 blocks...

Cryptocurrency Whitepaper – Read, Write, and Understand!

Cryptocurrencies whitepapers can be confusing for the average Joe. How companies in the blockchain/crypto space raise millions in no time unfolds as...
Mexo Crypto Exchange

Cryptocurrency Exchange Mexo Launches in LATAM

Cryptocurrency exchange Mexo, built with Latin American users in mind, launched on Thursday, backed by multinational venture capital company.

Daimler AG tests Blockchain for Data Sharing across its Supply Chain

A blockchain-based data-sharing platform known as Ocean Protocol united with Daimler. The collaboration is based on how...

Binance to launch first DeFi hackathon for India

Binance is planning to conduct India's first Defi Ecosystem hackathon for India which will be aiming at accelerating DeFi innovation in the...

Germany looking to become World’s Crytpo Superpower

On August 11, Germany Finance Ministry has released a big announcement saying they are currently drafting a bill that will cover tokenized...

The European Union Plans on Crypto Regulations by 2024

The EU aims for the core processes of the European Union to include crypto and blockchain technology by 2024.

Google Trends Reveal Rising Interest in Ethereum (ETH)

Cryptocurrency prices are soaring and the market is currently bullish, bitcoin crossing the previous resistances registering a breakout. Other cryptocurrencies are also...

Why Bitcoin Rejected $12.4K Level

Although Bitcoin failed to maintain the level of reaching 2020 all-time high, many traders believe it is a necessary correction for Bitcoin...