Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Leah McGrath Goodman, the Newsweek journalist who revealed Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto as the Bitcoin's founder in 2014, has again made new claims...

Blockchain-based Search Engine developed by Honeywell for Aerospace industry

In its current form, the data related to aerospace parts and services are scattered across several computer...

MD of Legal Firm Brookwood said regulators might not come after DeFi

Collins Belton, Managing Director of Brookwood Firm, said that hundreds of millions of dollars flowing into altcoins might escape regulatory bodies because...

India’s Biggest Crypto Exchange WazirX Has Made Move For DeFi

On 15th of August India's Biggest Crypto Exchange WazirX has decided to launch its first DeFi(Decentralized Finance Product) project by partnering up...

Bitcoin $12K Resistance Level And What to expect in the future

It's been 10 days since Bitcoin has tested the $12K resistance level for the second time. Although traders are bullish about the...

Amid crypto regulatory uncertainty, Indian P2P is soaring like anything

Ever since the Supreme Court overturned the ban imposed by RBI in March 2020, there has been a tremendous increase in P2P...

Why Bitcoin Rejected $12.4K Level

Although Bitcoin failed to maintain the level of reaching 2020 all-time high, many traders believe it is a necessary correction for Bitcoin...

Indian Banks Shy Away From Crypto Due To Regulatory Uncertainty

Garrick Hileman,’s head of research, shared today in an interview that Indian banks are showing interest in cryptocurrencies but are...

Twitter Hack Update: Perpetrators Arrested

Remember the recent hack wherein multiple Twitter handles, primarily crypto exchanges and celebrities, were compromised and users lured in to send bitcoins...

Two Pathways Ahead of Bitcoin

In the past three days, the Bitcoin price has declined by more than 6%. Since Bitcoin is now in a correction phase,...