U.S Army claims that North Korea has built its “army” of hackers, who conduct cyber crimes participate in hacks related to cryptocurrency. It has been claimed that the army consists of about 6,000 hackers.

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North Korean Army of Hackers: U.S. Army reveals

U.S. Army published a report unveiling that the dark nation of North Korea has formed an army of 6,000 hackers at its conveyance and conduct hacking of digital currencies and other cyber warfares. The hackers have members who are based outside North Korea also from countries including China, Russia, Belarus, Malaysia. This is because North Korea lacks the domestic infrastructure to back hacking operations at a bigger scale.

North Korea continues to sponsor fund cyber-attacks around the globe.

The U.S. Army uncovers the truth that North Korea is still significantly backing a vast number of cyber-attacks around the globe. There also have been impressions of planned cyber warfare emerging from the rogue nation. Bluenoroff Group is one dedicated division that is accountable for the hacking of digital currencies. This group consist of about 1700 people and performs by focusing on the long-term examination and utilizing the enemies weaknesses.

Another one with the name Lazarus Group has constantly been posting headlines, which was popularised for its WannaCry malware which was set in motion in 2016. The original mission of the group was to cause social chaos by modifying weak points of the enemy network and supplying a payload as and when instructed by the authority.

Crypto Crimes continues to rise amid Covid-19 pandemic situation.

North Korea is being blamed for making use of cryptocurrencies to finance the projects related to nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. Hackers are being dependent on privacy-oriented coins to stay away from law administering organizations. Cryptocurrency frauds have increased despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic situation. Various nations have announced a rise in the scams involving cryptocurrencies. Such scams that have proved to be prominent include fake ICO’s, sextortion, counterfeit giveaways, pyramid schemes, etc.


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