Hammad Rahman

Management & Editorial

A serial entrepreneur with a keen interest in Blockchain in particular and emerging technologies in general. CEO of Goalwit Technologies and Nikah Forever. His current focus is on expanding the portfolio of products with related diversification into internet and technology ventures.

Anushree Warade

Public Relations & Resourcing

A 'high on life' chatterbox always up for convos about technology. A crypto enthusiast who loves creativity, has recently ventured into developing online games.

Mudit Verma


Mudit is currently a 2nd-year law student at O.P Jindal Law School. He is an avid follower of Blockchain and Crypto.

Papri Chatterjee


My interest has always been towards unique concepts and matters not much talked about. Avid "Forbes" and "The Guardian" reader.

Sarthak Chadha


A technology enthusiast who likes exploring new technologies. Life's mantra: Financial knowledge is obligatory.

Akhlaque Karim


A full-stack developer and an early crypto enthusiast. Bought his first bitcoin at dirt-cheap prices and has never regretted the decision. Emerging technologies are what excite him.

Utsav Shah


A law professional and a passionate crypto journalist. A proven subject matter expert on the regulatory and legal aspect of Cryptocurrencies within India