SpaceChain has recently claimed that they have signed the first multi-signature transaction in outer space.


SpaceChain announced on August 18 that they have effectively exhibited the use of blockchain hardware for the first time on the International Space Station (ISS). This successful execution was made possible through a collaboration with the European Space Agency, which potentially supported with the required hardware, financial funding, and providing general support.

The transaction was undertaken by co-founder and CTO of SpaceChain, Jeff Garzik. He claimed that this Bitcoin transaction would mark progress towards SpaceChain’s ambition of building an open-source, secure and well-established blockchain-based satellite network.
For the transaction to be implemented, a ground station first transmitted data to the ISS, where the transaction was signed by a private key contained in the hardware wallet.

SpaceChain’s experiments are being performed to validate a secure connection between the blockchain hardware in space and the corresponding infrastructure on Earth.


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