We covered coin on 11th May just because of the type of trolls that they were making around twitter and some of them were really funny.

Read More about it here: Pied Piper Coin trolls Twitter and They are good!

PPI coin, PiedPiperCoin

PPI coin, PiedPiperCoin

It turns out, what everyone thought to be a prank is now getting some serious attention from everyone around as the coin is actually worth something and they are releasing the One Page whitepaper on Sunday 20th May.

They airdropped 750 tokens to each participant but thinking it’s a scam many ignored it.

Let’s see how the coin performed overtime:

1. Airdrop:

2. The First Trade on EtherDelta

3. Hitting .07 cents in Just 2 days!

4. Tesla Time. I was a Rich for a few mins.


5. Now we are at .5 cents! Turned out a good airdrop for everyone.

With the telegram community growing day by day, new followers on twitter and every Silicon Valley Fan are creating a lot of .

With a total supply of 10 Million, this airdrop seems generous compared to other bounties they are offering for social media sharing and other stuff.

This coin can be traded at EtherDelta https://etherdelta.com/#PPT-ETH 

Hopefully, the whitepaper and website will be good enough and Dinesh will write a well enough code to make this coin a success!

Do let us know what you think about this coin and how bad you feel missing the airdrop worth a $400 now?

Hail Satan!

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