Ripple is now planning to explore and expand its use cases for its blockchain network. Been mainly focusing on cross-border payments from the past few years by partnering with national and international banks, they have finally made the decision to expand their horizon.

ripple 2

The blockchain firm has finally realized that its value base still resides in the cryptocurrency XRP and the Ripple blockchain.
The Ripple company mainly attempted to work with the banks and financially assisted new cryptocurrency and blockchain startups.

The company now seems to take a step back from indulging in financial outflows and shifting their attention to perform better in terms of technical innovations. They plan to go all ambitious on developing and promoting new applications on the Ripple network.
They are now representing great enthusiasm and optimism towards taking their Blockchain platform on an equal level as their highly-regarded Ripple cryptocurrency.

Brad Garlinghouse conveys they are all geared up to make Ripple the Amazon of the world of cryptocurrency. Just like Amazon began only by selling books, Ripple established itself with payments. In the near future, Ripple seems to achieve such a position in the crypto space.

Although the company had announced an open-source developer platform earlier towards the end of 2019, it was limited for only finance-oriented applications. Reportedly, it was also inferred from a report that Ripple was working on developer tools to assist with the development applications based on blockchain and explore potential use cases on the Ripple network.


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