In times when governments are banning cryptocurrencies, ICOs and other projects in order to ” SAVE US FROM did what others should have done in the first place.

They launched a new website translating to “TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE” (which is most of these scam sites are) warning users and making them aware of the possible ways they can be scammed.

The website is simple and covers most of the mistakes a newcomer in crypto can make.

Scammers are becoming more inventive and have grown massively on the worldwide web in recent years. There, too, they only have one thing to do: they lure victims into a trap and get rid of their pennies. Do not be fooled and make sure you know who you are dealing with.

You can also report the scams, check if a site is genuine or not and many other things.

Currently, we are using Google Translator to use the site as it’s not yet available in English.

Few Features:

1. Dedicated FAQ sections covering most of the questions

2. Crowd Sourced Scam Website finder: (Sure needs work here)

3. News Section:

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