Here is a list of my top 3 coin picks from . These are a few coins that you should consider buying and expect huge profits from them. I personally have a very less portfolio for trading and I am holding EOS and some DBC.

Let’s hope May 2018 bring green to our portfolio and let’s get started with the list of coins.

1. EOS

Why EOS rally might be far from over! New ATH soon!

Why EOS rally might be far from over! New ATH soon!

EOS is a similar cryptocurrency to Ethereum (ETH) but excels in areas ETH fails. EOS specializes in scalability, an area where ETH suffers greatly. However, ETH has attained the most important thing of all: market penetration. The overwhelming majority of ICOs from the past year were ETH based on the ERC-20 platform. This sheer quantity led to many scaling problems for ETH and this is specifically where EOS excels.

For those that are not technology advanced understanding what Dawn 3.0 is will be fairly difficult. To summarize, Dawn 3.0 is finally stable enough to release as an Alpha and will soon become the GitHub master branch for EOS. This substantial development for EOS ensures its relevancy in the future as long as ICOs continued to be launched.

EOS is on the verge of being fully implemented and functioning. Once these benchmarks in their roadmap are met, EOS will have an inherent advantage when compared to other cryptos that specialize in ICOs.


ZCL was trading over $200 prior to the Bitcoin Private fork. ZCL had a co-fork planned with Bitcoin to create Bitcoin Private (BTCP) which concluded successfully a week ago.

Exchanges are still setting up support for BTCP wallets but many individuals have successfully claimed their BTCP already. BTCP is faster than BTC and BCH while providing privacy features that so many transferring BTC desire.

ZCL fell more than 95% from its high of over $200 to its low of under $10. This is because the price of BTCP was factored into the price of ZCL.

ZCL still maintains fantastic privacy technology and like during most sell-offs the price overcorrects. During this sell off the price overreacted, and then the market was hit with FUD. This created a further collapse of the price of BTC driving alts down with it.

Many teams are discussing taking ZCL and adding the privacy technology to coins with much more utility. If this occurs the value of ZCL will skyrocket similarly to what happened during the lead up to the BTCP fork.

3. DeepBrain Chain (DBC)

DeepBrain Chain (DBC) : One of the Most Promising AI Blockchain Projects

DeepBrain Chain (DBC) : One of the Most Promising AI Blockchain Projects

DeepBrain Chain (DBC) was one of the first ICOs on the NEO blockchain and it’s listing is pending on Binance.

What does DeepBrain Chain offer?
1. Low cost: DeepBrain Chain aims to reduce the cost of hardware input as the GAS fee each enterprise needs to pay is far less than the intrinsic fee.
2. Optimization: DeepBrain Chain is currently optimized for CUDA GPU and plans to dock the current mainstream deep learning framework, such as TensorFlow, Caffe, CNTK, and so on.
3. Highly concurrent: DeepBrain Chain uses unique load balancing technology, each node container can cooperate with each other to share concurrent pressure.
4. Privacy: By using the smart contract, the blockchain technology makes it possible to separate data ownership and usage rights.
5. Flexible computing: Frequency at the time of peak hours can be 10 times more when compared to non-peak hours. DeepBrain Chain can adjust itself automatically by fast replication to multiple idle nodes at the peak hours.

These are few more coin picks for short-term gains especially in May 2018. Out of these 3 coins, long-term hold on DBC and EOS if you are patient enough else take profits on the surge. Also, you can find my Top 10 coins in this post.

Hopefully, May 2018 will be a great deal and we expect some amazing profits from this month onwards as seems like BTC is done correcting and FOMO is kicking in very soon.

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EOS: Why to invest in this project?

DeepBrain Chain (DBC) : One of the Most Promising AI Blockchain Projects

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