Blockchain Jobs in India

In today’s digital economy, tons of transactions are taking place every second. This has paved a way to provide a perfect platform for blockchain to grow and reform the modern way of business by creating the highest standard of security, a faster transaction, and a fortifying trust. Therefore, acquiring a skill in blockchain technology can help you land a white-collar job in India. Although Blockchain technology is relatively new in India and has recently been declared legal, there is a definite surge in interest, and demand has risen. Right now, blockchain technology is one of the fastest-growing skills in the market, and about 6000 job vacancies are requiring skilled blockchain professionals.

Blockchain Jobs in India

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Blockchain Developers

Blockchain Developer Salaries

Blockchain developers are currently high in demand in the market. There is a rapid increase in the urgent openings for blockchain developers in the country right now. A blockchain developer in a lot of sense is like a software developer who works on blockchain technology. They require knowledge about bitcoin protocols and are responsible for the cycles of blockchain applications, researching, and working on the execution of the application.

Other job duties may include creating a security and firewall system to protect from cyber-attacks. According to data from job platform site Indeed, there is a high demand for blockchain professionals in cities like Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Chennai. Moreover, the MD of Indeed, Sashi Kumar, stated that the global market for blockchain services would reach $7.7 billion by 2022!

Blockchain Analyst

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A blockchain analyst is someone who analyses the business requirements using the algorithms and blockchain fundamentals. A blockchain developer works on optimizing blog chain protocols, building the architecture of blockchain systems. They have the duty of reviewing the data and uses ledger to showcase the effectiveness of the blockchain and suggest areas where improvement is needed.

Blockchain Project Manager

Blockchain project managers deal with keeping the blockchain developers on point while meeting the expectations of the client’s project. They specialize in planning and supervising the performance of the blockchain project. One of the crucial skills of a project manager is understanding the know-how of blockchain and the ability to communicate effectively with non-technical employees of the organization to provide feedback and updates. With blockchain applications increasing at an unprecedented rate, even in areas such as online voting, this position becomes all the more important.

Blockchain Designer

A blockchain designer job is to design a user interface for the clients that are appealing as well as reliable. Since the enhancement of UI and design is gaining more importance day-by-day, there exists a very high demand for skilled blockchain designers. To be a blockchain designer, one must equip the ability to research, design, and develop a user-friendly interface. The Indian government approach towards blockchain technology will be creating ample blockchain job opportunities in the future. NITI Aayog’s flagship project,INDIACHAIN, in blockchain, will generate abundant job opportunities in the future.

Blockchain Legal Consultant

Bitcoin Legal Jobs

Before dwelling into the scope of job opportunities as a blockchain legal consultant, let me first help you understand the difference between a traditional and a smart contract. The “traditional contract” is your regular contract, where two parties agree to the terms of an agreement. Whereas smart contracts are a self-executing computer program where parties to the contract cannot modify the will even after the mutual consent of the parties.

India, as a nation, has recognized the potential of blockchain technology, and various government institutions have included blockchain in their agenda and development programs. Consequently, the changes in blockchain legislation in India are going to create ample blockchain job opportunities for a legal consultant or attorney who has the legal expertise in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Legal Consultants in India will have a more prominent role to play since cryptocurrencies tend to face frequent legal scepticism.


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