A recent tweet from Justin Sun, creator and CEO of (TRX), revealed that the project has partnered with NeoWorld (NASH), a blockchain-based MMO designed as a sandbox gaming environment in VR 3D.

According to the announcement, the new partnership will center around building TRON’s presence in the virtual world, including the planning of the NeoWorld Exclusive Island and the establishment of a prominent TRON building.

At the moment, TRON has already successfully entered NeoWorld. The newly-built TRON building ranks the top in both its height and working rewards. There will be more detailed planning on the NeoWorld Island in the future.

Similar to Decentraland (MANA), the largest virtual reality platform owned by its users, NeoWorld is a self-governing blockchain platform that features land parcels, which can be leveraged for anything from gaming to real-world business interactions. To date, over 106,000 land parcels have been sold with 7.5 million buildings constructed.

While NeoWorld is currently Ethereum-based, including its token, the platform’s developers plan to bring functionalities to the best-fit public chain, which could bring the TRON partnership into greater relevance.

TRX currently has a $1.56 billion market cap, making it the 10th largest coin.

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