in the crypto twitter community are nothing new and we already made all of you aware of how these works and the process behind it.

Since the time we wrote that article, the scams grew more and more and twitter was all full of these scammers mostly distributing double /LTC and what not

But enough is enough right?

While Jack and Twitter devs are asleep (The scam posts are reducing day by day though)  came to our rescue and took on the job to fix this issue. 

With the help of CryptoInfluencers, EAL has created an open-source twitter whitelist that will now display a green icon next to whitelisted twitter accounts. Unclassified twitter accounts receive a black icon while blacklisted twitter accounts receive a red icon.

Twitter whitelist data is pulled from so if you would like to have your twitter account whitelisted, make an issue on the etherscamdb github or DM Harry or ( on Twitter.

Using this is simple, you just need to install a plugin on Chrome and that’s all.

Download the plugin: Here

I hope to see a scam free twitter very soon. Do let me know what you think if such updates are helpful in the comment box below. We’ll love to hear feedback from your side.

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