Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse met with special assistant to the President, Caroline Moore(who is also the Director of Chief of Staffs) on September 26th and October 3rd, as per the documents from the US Office of Management and Budget. XRP enthusiast and investor, Steven Diep unearthed the documents.

There is no complete understanding of discussions that went on, but as per reports, the White House is keenly analyzing the amount of mining being done in China. Almost 80% of Bitcoin and the majority of Ethereum is getting mined in China. But XRP on the other hand involves no mining. As there is no foreign control aspect associated, this makes XRP an altogether different player.

This San Franciso startup has always pushed US regulators to get a better understanding of cryptocurrencies and adopt smart and sensible policies for their assets. Also, in the mid of last year, Ripple, published an ad urging members of Congress to learn about digital currencies and create policies that protect US companies that are developing and investing in the emerging technology.


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