Leah McGrath Goodman, the Newsweek journalist who revealed Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto as the Bitcoin’s founder in 2014, has again made new claims which further solidifies her case.

According to her, she was able to contact some of the top ten Bitcoin pioneers over mail before publishing her case in 2014. People, including Gavin Andresen and Hal Finney, provided vital information that led Leah to believe that she has to look for a single person rather than a team. It also established that Bitgold inventor Nick Szabo was not the one. Dorian, in his interview, stated that he is longer involved and in charge. It has now been turned over to others. Although he never mentioned if it referred to Bitcoin. McGrath Goodman also said evidence directly linkedSatoshi with Dorian’s location in LA as Finney had posted data from a crashed file intended for the Bitcoin founder to fix.

Although the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto remains a widely debated topic, there are several who have a different stance on it. Some speculate Szabo may be Satoshi or Blockstream’s Adam Back. As per technology pioneer John McAfee, he is 99% certain about the identity of Bitcoin founder. Even Finney’s name carries weight for his initial involvement in the cryptocurrency’s development.

Satoshi Nakamota


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